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“We are optimistic and hopeful that he is alive and well.

However it is still much too early to draw any firm conclusions,” Sivarasa and Wong said in a statement.

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The Subang MP and Bukit Lanjan assemblyman also commended Kuala Lumpur police for setting up a special task force to investigate Chong’s disappearance.

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The Edit: Elvis — idolised as ever on the 40th anniversary of his death Charlottesville response: Trump found wanting, even by Republicans The Edit: Yes, you can have pork-free Hokkien mee The Edit: Reliving the charms of 1950s Malaya KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 ― Peter Chong’s Facebook Messenger was active over the weekend till this morning and a friend’s phone call got through the activist’s social networking account although it was unanswered, two lawmakers said. Sivarasa and Elizabeth Wong expressed hopes that the police would be able to use the lead to locate Chong, a former Petaling Jaya city councillor and Sivarasa’s aide, who was last seen last Wednesday by his family.

“This could mean two things, either (1) that Peter is able to access his Facebook account, or (2) that another person other than Peter is accessing his account.

Although we also do it in English, words in Bahasa tend to be longer hence their short-forms are also more pelik. With only 160 characters/SMS, we had to do all we could to save space.

And not only do the words get shortened; they also got modified, kawaii-fied, and extended to become longer than necessary, which often produce hilarious results. Even if it meant saying ‘k’, no matter how rude that sounded.


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