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SUBJECT: Aqueduct of Roman era – Subway of Naples – Line 6 – Chiaia Station DATING: II century A. LOCATION: Naples, Santa Maria degli Angeli Square CUSTOMER: ANSALDO STS HIGH SURVEILLANCE: Archaeological Superintendency of Naples – Dr. constructions that produced and assembled steel structures, besides coordinated movements and transport from site to the depot.Daniela Giampaola PERIOD OF INTERVENTION: June 2011 – July 2011 Intervention executed in ATI with M. To allow the fulfilment of the excavation of Chiaia station it was necessary to remove the stretch of Roman aqueduct intercepted by the station shaft.Gaule "hairy" at that time, was then divided in three provinces: Gaule Aquitaine, Celtic the or Lyons one and Gaule Belgium.It is usually allowed today, that it is on October 9 43 before our era that was founded the city; the angle formed by the intersection of the cardo maximus and the dcumanus maximus (as that was practised at that time) A made it possible to determine this date with precision.The total height of all the manufactured article which has to be taken was of 2.20 / 2.30 meters. Considering the fragility of the constituent materials and the fragmented state of the artifact it has been projected to remove it in one single block for the length of about 2.50 meters.The intervention consisted in the preparation of the artifact with cleaning and disinfection treatments of extrados masonry and coatings earthenware interior by moldings and consolidation with hydraulic mortar.

Archaeological finds indicate that its heyday was during the 2nd and 3rd centuries.Senior environmental health officer at Preston Council, Jonathan Cruickshank, said: “Due to timely interventions with our partner organisations, fortunately no-one was injured.If the illegal gas works had not been found it is likely that the consequences could have been a fire or explosion that could have seriously injured or killed staff and members of the public.”Cai, 35, of Preston Road, Chorley, had pleaded guilty on April 24 to failing to protect the health and safety of his employees and others; failure to comply with a requirement for access to the cellar of the restaurant; and failure to ensure that gas work was carried out by an approved person.He was sentenced to four concurrent terms of six months in prison, which were suspended for 12 months.He was also ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and pay a total of £4,779.87 – a £2,000 fine, £80 victim surcharge and £2,699.87 costs.After the pre-consolidation have been applied protective bandages and reinforcements with ratchet straps.


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