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MIT OCW offers more than 2,000 free undergrad and graduate courses from dozens of subject areas, including biological engineering, economics, health sciences, media arts and management.These non-credit courses are available in text, audio and video formats and some are translated into other languages.The Independent Activities Period (IAP) takes place every year during January.

A number of for-credit classes are offered during IAP or extend from the fall semester into IAP.Two popular offerings for freshmen that use IAP are 18.01A/18.02A and 8.01L, both of which fulfill General Institute Requirements (GIRs).For-credit classes can be taken at no charge by any fulltime student.Carnegie Mellon University offers non-credit courses and materials through its free courseware program, the Open Learning Initiative.Self-paced courses involve lessons and self-assessments in subject offerings that include statistics, biology, chemistry, French and English.Thanks to the advancements in internet technologies , higher bandwidths , faster speeds and reducing storage costs - we can access the best courses from the comfort of your armchair at home ( and perhaps sipping coffee ) .


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