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He seemed so proud that all that money was collecting lint, but no interest.

From that track suit, Mayweather later pulled a check he said was for 0 million that he just hadn’t gotten around to cashing yet.

Spindle Fire is such a departure from that story though, that I went into this one as if I knew nothing of the author’s work.

To be completely honest, this was one I picked up solely on the appeal of the gorgeous cover.

I thought maybe this just wasn’t an author for me but since I heard such great things about Manwhore, I […] I have a new favorite mystery.

Last Seen Leaving wasn’t even really on my radar until Angie from Lady Knight Reads told me to pick it up. Last Seen Leaving, Caleb Roehrig’s debut novel, is one of those books that I’m going to be pushing on everyone now. I’ve gone back and forth recently about whether or not I should keep blogging.


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