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To offer her patients more cosmetic alternatives she recently completed training courses and is a registered practitioner and provider of cosmetic orthodontic treatment to straighten and align teeth.At Quayside Dental we offer various types of aesthetic braces to help you achieve an attractive smile, making you feel happier and more confident in yourself!Six Month Smiles combines proven orthodontic techniques and modern materials to provide lighter, finer tooth coloured brackets and wires that gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of six months.This new era in Orthodontics has taken the US by storm, giving many patients who were otherwise put off by the lengthy process of old fashioned bulky metal braces another option. The summer is well and truly on here and we are all looking forward to some hard earned weeks of rest and relaxation basking within the hot sun (don’t forget the Sun Cream! There are plenty of places to head out and enjoy in Ireland however whilst to us the summer is responsibility free, the situation is different for other people.For families of children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, a simple family holiday requires precise planning and strategy. This may involve pictures of a social story of going on an airplane so the child or adult can become familiar with it.usually to my detriment lol I love being around people, just as well really as I am an Activities Co-Ordinator in a Care Home - I absolutely love my job, being able to put a smile on a resident's face and knowing I have made a difference to their day :) I love listening to all sorts of Christian music and would have UCB playing in the house all the time! but you can always ask lol Not too sure what to put here but anyway, im 21, single, Christian, love cars and motorbikes, I like gaming and I am a bit of a nerd!

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I'm a very loving, caring and open person who wears their heart on their sleeve ....

Membership of Disability Sport NI is free and open to any organisation, group or club who actively works to provides opportunities for people with disabilities in Northern Ireland to get involved with and take part in sport and physical recreation.

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But if anyone wishes for one to one chats, they are more than welcome. Within the group, opportunities are given for people to practice techniques learnt in therapy and we often do role play.

However, it is usually an informal chat, and we sometimes have a speech and language therapist (SLT) with us to answer any questions.


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