Dating and personality types

Inherently sensible, they like to learn from past mistakes.

If ESPs are the hares of the sixteen types, ISTJs are the tortoises.Are you the person who loves to take risks in your career without worrying about the consequences, or is working in a team where everyone gets along your top priority?Now researchers have identified the four common personality types that are most dominant in the workplace in order to figure out how each type thrives.This personality test uses ten categories of individual and ten categories of social personality attributes to help you look inside yourself, find out how others see you, and get insights about other persons.Unlike personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which look at four aspects of personality (Extrovert/Introvert, Intuitive/Sensing, Feeling/Thinking, Judging/Perceiving) that are mainly internal information-processing functions of the brain, the Personality Test focuses on categorizing external behavioral traits.This makes it possible to create a personality profile for yourself based on your own assessment of your feelings and beliefs, or for another person by completing the test based on the other person's past behavior and social interactions.


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