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Death (VT 6430)Enough to Make you Sick (VT 6619)I Know He’s Out There (VT 6616)Is It Such A Crime? (VT 6444)It Pays To Get Smart (VT 6009)Lesson They'll Never Forget, A (VT 4569)Lost in the Jungle (VT 6616)Mid-Life Moms (VT 6444)New Life for Andrew, A (VT 6619)New Mother’s Nightmare (VT 6616)Power of Mimi, The (VT 6009)Pushed to the Edge (VT 6617)Right to End it All (VT 6430)Running on Empty (VT 6619)Saying Good-Bye Forever (VT 6617)Stephen’s World (VT 7986)Teacher’s Little Helper (VT 7984)Wild about Learning (VT 6009)You Can Work it Out (VT 6617)20th Century Presidents VHS Color 9–22 Min each 2007(VT 9901–VT 9917) This series profiles the presidents who served between the years 19. Truman, Douglas Mac Arthur, Sputnik, Eisenhower, and Nixon and the Checkers speech. Also covered are: emotional adjustments, caring for your residual limb, skin problems of the amputee, range of rehabilitation services, and other resources. See also Beginning Prosthetic Training for the Above Knee Amputee (VT 1318, DVD). Speaking the Unspeakable: Marital Violence Among South Asian Immigrants in the U. (VT 8519–VT 8520, VHS)Ac Back to Top | Back to AAcademic Computing at Oakton VHS Color (VT 4879) John Sfondilias, Manager of Academic Computing Services, discusses the ins and outs of computing at Oakton with program host Bob Burton.

The programs are filmed at presidential libraries and museums where American youngsters tell the stories of Presidents 26 through 42. (Landmark)VT 9901 # 1 Theodore Roosevelt VT 9902 # 2 William Howard Taft VT 9903 # 3 Woodrow Wilson VT 9904 # 4 Warren G. (AGC Video)1960-1964VHS Color (VT 7218) #8: History in Focus. 1 Inventories: LIFO, FIFO, WTD Average and the Gross Profit Method 51 Min. (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)Abraham, Margaret, Ph. (OCC)Academic Integrity VHS Color (VT 5259 & VT 7390) Deals with the subject of student dishonesty.

Timmy tries to spoil the Harry Potter series for Russell but Russell is already reading The Deathly Hallows which comes after The Half-Blood Prince, in which the events Timmy "reveals" take place.

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Harding VT 9905 # 5 Calvin Coolidge VT 9906 # 6 Herbert Hoover VT 9907 # 7 Franklin D. Focuses on the following: the Cold War, Nikita Khruschev, Nixon vs. Shows examples of how students cheat in and out of the classroom and what faculty can do to prevent cheating.

(AGC Video)1950-1959: Events of the Decade VHS Color (VT 7217) #7: History in Focus. In self-contained episodes, each program explores the unique strands of engineering and reflects on their importance to society. Two companies are studied: Domanic Chandon, the sparkling wine producers; and the Ford Motor Company, whose production system was revolutionized in the early 1980s upon the implementation of Deming’s management principles. It illustrates how persons who have had above-knee amputation have resumed their activities following surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy.

Ford VT 9914 #14 Jimmy Carter VT 9915 #15 Ronald Reagan VT 9916 #16 George H. Focuses on the following: enlistment for Korea, the Korean War, bomb shelters, suburbia, fashion, fast food restaurants, drive-ins, television, and favorite commercials. This series focuses on engineering achievements throughout history. (Intelecom)Above the Knee Amputation: A Guide to Rehabilitation DVD Color 2007(VT 10448) Above the Knee Amputation: A Guide to Rehabilitation is the DVD version of the printed book.

(AGC Video)1965-1969VHS Color (VT 7219) #9: History in Focus. Johnson, the Vietnam War, anti-war demonstrations, Chicago’s Democratic convention, TV coverage of the war, Muhammad Ali, Peggy Fleming, Billie Jean King, the space program and Apollo XI, Haight-Ashbury and Woodstock. (OCC)IMS Collection Page 11Academic Integrity: The Truth of the Matter VHS Color 1(VT 5778) Discusses the latest research on the nature and extent of academic dishonesty, techniques for preventing it and how to encourage faculty involvement in preventing and reporting academic dishonesty. (U of Delaware) Academic Showcase VHS Color Various Times 1991Presents speakers from Oakton's Academic Showcase of 2/19/91. (OCC)Issues in Multicultural Education (Samuel Betances) (VT 3515)What Business and Industry Expect From Education (Mark Miller) (VT 3516)Accelerating Growth VHS Color (VT 8606) #16: Power of Place, The: World Regional Geography.

The teams switch between batting and fielding at the end of an innings.

In professional cricket, the length of a game ranges from 20 overs of six bowling deliveries per side to Test cricket played over five days.

Patrick Warburton once again nailed his performances as Jeff, whilst Megyn Price has never looked better as Audrey (her great butt is showcased again!!

After the shorts in the last episode, this time it is yoga pants) Oliver Hudson is good as good looking but dim Adam.


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